fingers + toes

At CõCõ all of our finger and toe treatments use the The Lippmann Collection nail care line. All of the polishes are Formaldehyde free and are infused with Green Tea Extracts and protein building biotin. We are a natural nail salon, we do not use any types of gel polishes.

*These prices will be in effect as of July 23rd 2019*

If you're in a hurry the express is the way to go. We analyze your nail and choose the shape and product and polish that is best suited for you. (does not include cuticle work)
(20 min)
$37 toes
(20 min)
$37 both
(40 min)


Don't let the name fool you! Our Basic starts with a massage, nail shaping, cuticle work, as well as a peppermint(feet)/lavendar(hands) scrub specially formulated in house, another lotion application. We finish with polish.
(40 min)
$51 toes
(50 min)
$71 both
(90 min)


If you like Piña Coladas, and getting caught in the rain. Our Spa Pedicure starts with a coconut milk soak, then your nail work,callus care, as well as a pineapple scrub. Also included is the aroma of coconut in a body butter treatment to nourish and treat dry skin while wrapped in hot towels. We finish with a long pineapple oil massage and polish.
(40 min)
$61 toes
(60 min)
$81 both
(110 min)


This is Star Treatment! Our Lounge starts with a massage, a nail evaluation, and shape as well as a mandarin scrub. Also included is an aroma sense paraffin treatment to nourish and treat dry hands. We finish with another massage (that's right 2 massages in this treatment) and polish.
(60 min)
$71 toes
(70 min)
$91 both
(130 min)


This isn't just for the girly man! This treatment uses scented and formulated products for our men. Included is shape, scrub, massage and buff. No polish guys. Unless you want it.
(30 min)
$36 toes
(30 min)
$50 both
(60 min)


Perfect for children that are ages 12 and under. Enjoy an afternoon with Mom or friends. We shape, buff and polish those cute little fingerettes.
(20 min)
$27 toes
(20 min)
$27 both
(40 min)

Need something a little extra?

  • Add French polish ~ $10
  • Add Gems/Decals or Nail Tape ~ .50¢-$20
  • Paraffin wax ~ $18
  • Gellish/shellac removal ~ $20
  • Callous peel ~ $25 with pedicure / $35 without pedicure

Please let receptionist know when booking and allow 15 minutes

CõCõ Rescue ~ Nail Rescue & Revive. Are you tired of the unnatural? Let us remove your gel polish, treat your cuticles and apply Hard Rock nail hardener to bring you your nails back to health ~ $55